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Saturday, November 13, 2010

My Tour of Changhua?

Tomorrow, bright and early, I will be riding in the "Your Tour of Changhua". The event is being sponsored by Merida Bicycles and will start with a quick climb and descent over Bagua Shan, before long sections of flats to the coast and back.

The event takes on a delightfully local flavor in the name. In Mandarin the event is called the 環化賽 (Huan Hua Sai), which, when pronounced with a Taiwanese accent, sounds like the Mandarin term for the Tour de France (環法賽). Har har har!!!

I really haven't trained in weeks and had a pretty bad asthma problem last week, so I am taking some seriously heavy drugs, but I will make a go of it and just go out to have some fun, meet some people and feel good about life.


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