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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Bike Links and News

Taiwanese siblings make their own Journey to the West by bicycle.
Their journey was inspired by the novel "Journey to the West," which both of them had read in their childhood. The novel, a fictional account of the legendary journey by famous Chinese monk Hsuan Tsang, is the tale of a group of pilgrims making a strenuous journey from China to India in search of sacred Buddhist texts; it also described their encounters with various monsters and demons along the way.

Taiwan Biking Links:

World Cycling Links:

  • Taylor Phinney, the nominated savior of American cycling, is scheduled to make his long awaited professional debut in the upcoming Tour of Oman.
  • Bad Blood? Botched transfusion lands Italian Olympian Riccardo Ricco. Apparently Ricco tried to pump his veins full of blood that was way past its expiration date and landed in the hospital.
  • Cycling With Eddie looks at the one cycling partner who is always ready for a ride-- PAIN.
  • Dave Horton discusses cycling culture.
  • Ukiah Blog wants you to talk cycling to a conservative.... You know those guys who love to cut cycling from the transportation grid.
My New Bike Status:

I haven't heard anything in a while. I hope that's good.
The tube tuning is as follows:
Agility: Race Spec.
Drivetrain Stiffness: 8 of 10 (9 is pure racer)
Vertical Compliance: About the same as oversized aluminum
Weight to Performance: In The Sweet Spot