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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Cyclist Dies of Hypothermia in Taiping Shan Race

Taiwanese media sources are reporting that a cyclist, Zhu Zi-fu, went hypothermic and died on the side of the road during the Taiping Shan race as part of the Taiwan International Bike Festival.

According to Zhu's fellow riders, the 44yo. athlete had failed to register in time for the race and simply matriculated in to the group of 1291 other riders at the beginning of the mass-start race.

As temperatures plunged amid a steady stream of freezing rain, Zhu fell from his bike and never regained consciousness.

Initial reports held that the long haired and bearded cyclist had been a "foreigner". Those reports are incorrect.

This is the second case of another mass-start race going awry and resulting in another death. Last month's Tour of Changhua also saw a fatality as fatigued riders lost control of their bikes on a narrow hill climb.

Since Zhu failed to register for the event, his family is ineligible to receive any of the NT$2million in insurance offered by the organizers.

Another sad end to what should have been a great day on a bike.