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Friday, December 9, 2011

Best Taiwan Blogs: Vote And Discover Taiwan

It is election time, so once again Taiwanderful has launched its annual campaign to select the best blogs in Taiwan.

Although blogging may seem a bit narcissistic, but it actually brings thousands of eyes and thoughts together to better flesh out a place and all the connections that help us perceive where we are and what makes our communities.

Too often all that is Taiwan is reduced to a single pithy line in the Associated Press. Blogging gives us the depth of experience that is often missing from the lines of the formal press, lines that are often lazily regurgitated to satisfy a deadline or make exciting copy.

The blogging community does not provide any singular, uniform narrative, but it weaves together thousands of incongruous and oft conflicting narratives that result in better representing the reality and complexity of our shared Taiwanese community.

Go to Taiwanderful and browse the blogs. Vote on the good ones if you feel like it, and discover something new about Taiwan.

Browse and Vote HERE