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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Fight Cancer And Rest Your Tired Junk On A Pile Of Trash

In a continuing trend, more people in Taiwan have chosen the bicycle as an important weapon in the fight against cancer. For this type of fight the bicycle is ideal as a medium that both promotes health and fitness, while providing a fun activity that is accessible to the entire spectrum of Taiwanese residents.

November 2nd will mark another battle in the long, protracted entanglement many of our friends and family members find themselves involuntarily engaged as a round-island charity ride is planned to celebrate those who have gained the upper hand against the enemy within, as well as to raise funds and awareness for those who continue to fight or in memory of those who could not wait for a cure.

The Taipei Times reports:
The riders plan to begin the 1,100km cycling trip at Liberty Square in Taipei’s National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall on Nov. 2 and pedal their way around the country in a clockwise direction. Electric bicycles will be made available for participants who have only recently completed chemotherapy and have yet to fully regain their strength.
Daily routes and schedules will be announced in advance so that locals can join the cycling team when it passes through their cities and towns, the organizers said.
Most of us know someone who has had cancer or is currently trying to beat the disease. Right now I have a close relative with a small child who is currently doing her best to beat an aggressive form of cancer as every new form of treatment is delivered by a different specialist carrying the same bad news.

This is why I have the Livestrong Link at the bottom of my sidebar. I really don't care much either way about Lance Armstrong. I liked Marco Pantani more as an exciting racer to watch. Still, I have to give Armstrong credit for generating interest in the fight against cancer and giving cancer fighters hope that they may also be able to beat cancer and move on to living a full life.


After a full day in the saddle, Taiwan's cyclists are being encouraged to rest their junk on a mountain of garbage.

According to a report in the Taipei Times, bicycle tourists passing through the Bali DIstrict of New Taipei City are being encouraged to bed down on a campground located on the site of the area's former landfill.
Located between Linkou district (林口) and Bali, the original landfill site faces onto Provincial Highway No. 61, also known as the West Coast Expressway, and there are no lodgings or restaurant amenities located nearby, Lin said. 
To address cyclists’ needs, the park area set up a bicycle rest area so that cyclists can access tires-inflation facilities, water supplies and to re-charge — both electronically and biologically, Lin said. 
Four wooden platforms have been erected on the lawns that now cover the site of the original landfill, with each being able to accommodate up to six to eight people, Lin said, adding that the platforms also included facilities for green-power re-charging.
The article does not detail if the area was cleaned of potential contaminants or properly ventilated to account for the higher concentrations of methane gas associated with landfills.

So, if you are biking through Bali and you need a place to stay and can't find a hotel, hostel, love motel or any other form of lodging, there is a lovely ex-landfill waiting for you.