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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Bike Stolen: Author Road Bike in Taichung


I was just made aware of a bike that was stolen from the back of a vehicle. Please keep your eyes and ears open and see that it can get back to its owner in once piece.

If there is one thing that I really hate... it is theft.

I wish the victim lots of luck in getting it back. I can attest to having had some luck in hunting down stolen property in the past, and with a little persistence it is possible to recover your things, but not always.

Here is the message from a friend of the victim:
For all of the Americans/British/Canadian friends: An Author bike was stolen from our friend's car while park outside of the office. The window was broken and bike was stolen. The crime has been reported to police and filed. This customed paint was one and only. So, please post this msg onto your Facebook and pass it to your friends as well. If you see this frameset, please notify me immediately (there is an reward-by the way). Thank you all!!