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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Monday Grab Bag: More On Train Travel With Bikes

Bike Parking at MRT Station

Some more information has been added to the Guide to Bike Travel By Train post that I think may be useful.

It appears all you need is a passport number to make a reservation online.

MRT Bike Elevator

There is also some new information about ordering tickets over the phone. This system requires a Taiwan ID Card Number, so it is not ideal for visitors.

Here is a map of the Taipei MRT bike stations. It makes visualizing the opportunities for bike travel easier. Be sure to read the rules posted in the main post.



I was notified by a good friend that he was being prosecuted for possession of stolen merchandise and theft after buying, what he thought was, a "second-hand" bike.

According to my friend, he was looking for a cheap, second-hand bike to commute to and from National Taiwan University. He was offered a good deal on a typical clunker that was later recognized by the owner and identified as stolen.

The police got involved and my friend was notified that he would be prosecuted and receive a "mark" on his record, even if he is exonerated.

The moral of this story is to be very careful when buying a second-hand bike. Be sure to ask for some type of proof of ownership... receipts, maintenance records or something. Although they are inexpensive, the low-end bikes are more frequently stolen and can put you in some hot water.

In Other News:

I tried to visit a few bike shops over the weekend, but they were all closed on a Sunday afternoon. Typically, bike shops in Taiwan close on Monday after working on weekends when people have time to bike and shop.
My knee is 80% and I should be on the new bike by this weekend.

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