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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

MOTC Launches Bicycle Route Advisory App: It is yours for free... if you can find it.

Wanda Reservoir  

Taiwan's Ministry of Transportation and Communications has, apparently, launched a new web service, including a mobile app. to help cyclists better navigate their way around Taiwan. The service is in Chinese and English. 
The app, prepared by the Directorate General of Highways under MOTC, aims to serve people interested in a biking tour of the Fulung- Toucheng section of Highway 2, Taroko-Wuling section of Highway 8 and Highway 14-A, Xindian-Wulai section of Highway 9-A, Taitung-Changpin section of Highway 11, Puli-Wuling section of Highway 14 and Highway 14-A, and Chukou-Alishan section of Highway 18.
The service also includes information on hill gradients, lodging, restaurants and services along Taiwan's six busiest cycling routes. 

The app. is all yours... if you can find it.  

As this writer has experienced, the service and mobile app. is elusive and does not appear in the MOTC press release or the residual media reports. 

If anyone can find this service, please direct me to it and I will update this post. 

Focus Taiwan

Want Want China Times

Taiwan News

MOTC Website

It may or may not be related to the Inno-Biker app. from the Taiwan External Trade Development Council.  

Or it may be related to the Institute of Transportation's GoBiker app. with was released in 2012. The Institute of Transportation under the MOTC seems to be an extra bureaucratic layer meant to duplicate, confuse and mis/redirect web inquiries. The MOTC and IOT sites are not linked, but seem to fall under the same authority. 

I'm glad they are making it easy on us. 

Oh... Taiwan Information Technology Specialists... What would we ever do without you?