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Friday, April 1, 2011

Cycling and Behavior Modification: Would You Do It For A Colnago?

It's A Major Award!

TTV is reporting that a civil servant from Chiayi has collected on a wager he made with his wife in which she promised to buy him a Limited Edition Colnago Ferrari CF-7 with full Super Record components, a bike valued at over NT 400,000, if he would simply quit smoking.

According to Mrs. Tsai, although friends and acquaintances have been quick to point out the huge amount of money she has had to shell out for a bicycle, she says that by her own accounting the bicycle more than pays for itself in her husband's improved health and by eliminating the continued purchase of cigarettes.

Mrs. Tsai claims that her husband has tried several times to quit smoking, but it was the promise of a prized bicycle combining two famous brand names that made the difference between failure and success.

Upon receiving his prize, Mr. Tsai removed the wheels and seat for his current bike and put the Colnago on permanent display at their home to avoid damaging his prize.