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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sunday Morning Coffee Ride

End of Tunghai Descent

I am still battling knee soreness and couldn't decide which flat, easy route to take on my Sunday ride, so I threw my hands in the air and just took an easy loop up to Dadu Shan and Tunghai University.

Urban Greenspace

The weather in Taichung was gorgeous with enough of a breeze to keep things comfortable.

Mojo Coffee

My main goal was to enjoy a couple cups of coffee and just relax. I know... biking to coffee is such a hipster thing to do... so I indulged.


I enjoyed the gliding descent into Taichung city and landed first at MOJO Coffee on Daye Rd. There were three people there just reading and it had the total feeling of a lazy Sunday at coffee. They make a wet cappuccino. I chilled there for a while and read the papers before leaving for more coffee.

I love a good cappuccino

Next, I went to Caffe Terry after zipping through Taichung's uncharacteristically placid city traffic.


At Caffe Terry I had another cappuccino and just hung out at an outside table to enjoy the light breeze. I noticed Terry has a Jango Flick folding bicycle available for visitors who are looking for wheels around town.

The mountain to get back to my prior form and fitness grows by the week. I just hope my down time will allow me to become healthy again to get back to 100%. This is the most frustrating process.

Terry's Flik