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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Taking It Slow Around Sun Moon Lake: The View From Taiwan Rides The Ring

I don't have a lot to offer this week, but Michael Turton has a wonderful piece on a leisurely ride around Sun Moon Lake.

If you pay attention to the boardwalk bike path and lack of shoulder space in many of Michael's pictures, you can see why I recently savaged CNN-GO for ranking the area among the world's bets bicycle routes.

Moreover, this ride was done early on a Saturday morning under less than touristy conditions resulting in a much lower volume of traffic. On a sunny weekend the lake is spilling over with tour busses and all sorts of motorized traffic.

Michael provides a great look at how the most casual riders can enjoy a saddle top view of Taiwan's largest body of fresh water.

Please stop by The View from Taiwan and enjoy Michael's blog and his pictures.