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Thursday, July 14, 2011

HTC Taiwan's Team of the Tour?

Here is a video put together by Taiwan's HTC corporation to help celebrate the Tour de France and possibly to highlight their sponsorship of one of the top teams. It is easy to forget that HTC-Highroad, the team of 3 stage winner and master sprinter Mark Cavendish, is a Taiwanese sponsored team. With products like the HTC Flyer, which in too big to compete with the iphone and too small to compete with an ipad, they'll need all the advertising they can get.

  • New Tang Dynasty TV (The Falun Gong TV Station) ran a report on Jack Becker's trip to Taiwan. The report (in Chinese) takes some liberties with the facts and uses the visit to presume Taiwan's bicycle infrastructure is now considered to be "world class". Looking for the validation.
  • Check out The Muse of Taichung and his incredible route to tour Taichung.
Weather Notes:

Sadly, we have seen a week of tantalizingly beautiful mornings punctuated by evening rain beginning about an hour before most people are off work. Not ideal for weekday rides.

A typhoon is scheduled to rumble around out in the Pacific... close enough to send more nasty weather our way.


A reminder for all you planning long rides when there is a break in the weather: Summer means a steady wind from southern Taiwan will make riding south a virtual Hell. Plan accordingly. This situation should last until December.

Other News:

Seven Estonians have been freed in Lebanon.

Closing the gender gap in cycling.

Prevent skin cancer from cycling.

Levis Cycling Line? Maybe not for the humid Taiwanese summers.

Is the TdF crash crazy?