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Monday, April 19, 2010

A Message From Michael

I will not be participating on this ride, but I thought I would post the notice in case anyone out there would be interested.

Here is my blog post on the same route from a couple months back:

I hope a few of you can make it. It is always a good time.
Nantou Reprise:

A bunch of you are already signed on but I thought
I'd widen the pool a little.

Schedule: Friday I am returning in the afternoon from Linkou to
Taichung. I am already taking two bikes + two other people, assuming
we are not rained out. I can take one more. Friday night we plan to
ride to Jiji or Shuili and sleep there.

Saturday Taipei people can come down on the early HSR, switch to local
(at train station at HSR station) and then meet in Shuili at 10 am.

The weather seems to be clearing but rain is still forecast for
friday. So stay tuned. Sunday it will be clear but Saturday looks like

Michael Turton

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