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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Ranking The Blogs

Darryl from Loving The Bike is helping host a contest for readers to nominate their favorite bike blogs.
(Please do not nominate this one... for the love of all things good and right, just don't.) I DO hope you can stop by his site and nominate some of the more deserving blogs out there. My blog list below has a few good ones worthy of recognition. So please take a minute and cast a vote.


  1. Thanks for mentioning Crank in your blog today. We appreciate you promoting it. Like you, we are not in it to get ourselves nominated....we simply want to honor the good ones out there and also create an online directory of all cycling blogs so that people can more easily find them.



  2. Darryl,

    Sorry about the graphic ;)

    I totally agree. One reason I started blogging was to be one more nexus for people to use to get more information about biking with links to a greater community.

    The instant community of cycling is a very special thing. Although there tend to be tribes of cyclists, we are still part of a greater community.

    I feel very fortunate for the people I have met through cycling and the experiences shared.

    Keep up the good work.