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Thursday, July 8, 2010

New Helmet Blues

AGU (West?) Covina

A couple weeks ago, on the same ride that killed my iPod, my Spiuk helmet strap snapped. It actually broke right on the plastic part of the strap as if the plastic seam just broke with no force. That kind of pisses me off as I was trusting my safety with that.

I needed a helmet in a pinch and I have a really small head. Finding a really good, small helmet is hard enough without having to get a kids helmet, and in Taiwan it is even harder as many Asian faces are wider and they can usually fit a medium or large (so I am told). A helmet that doesn't fit well can end up causing neck and back discomfort due to weight distribution and compensation.

I picked up this AGU helmet for $1800 as my stop gap helmet until I can get a better one in the US next week. My big problems are the cheap straps that feel flimsy, and the liner has no mesh to keep the bugs out.

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