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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

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I would also like to make a product plug:

We bought the Blendtec Connoisseur blender for making all kinds of drinkable wonders and I have lost 4lbs. in the past three weeks... even with two fewer riding days in my week. I have been making fruit and vegetable smoothies for breakfast whilst removing the cereal and yogurt. Broccoli, banana, carrot, tomato smoothies do the trick. It all looks a bit like baby shit, but the nutrition is excellent.

The Blendtec is easy to use and easy to wash. It is also expensive.


  1. My pleasure! You're riding more than I am. I swear I stepped foot outside after work tonight and the raindrops started falling.

  2. Yeah man, I'm a big fan of blending and drinking green smoothies. Good purchase.

    How has the riding been?


  3. I visited the US for 3.5 weeks in July and August and got 2 longer rides in and two short rides during that time.

    While I was gone the weather patterns changed and the moisture arrived.

    My usual training pattern is: Monday evening (light), Wednesday evening (flat, fast and medium length), Thursday (short, hilly, intense), Sunday (endurance length, moderate intensity).

    Now, as soon as I am off work, the clouds open up and dump rain for a couple hours... right at the time I can go riding.

    So, to sum it up, the riding has been sparse. We now have another typhoon hanging off the coast to ensure more rainfall for the weekend.