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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Autistic Riders Circle Taiwan: Links

A group of cyclists who have been diagnosed with autism are currently on their third day of a round-island adventure that seeks to provide a positive activity for those with autism and their families.

I recently had an autistic student in my class, and it was a lot of work. She was a delightful girl, but demanded a lot of attention, but she had plenty of energy and enthusiasm, so I can see how cycling could be a great activity for families with an autistic member. My favorite quote from the article is from one participant's father:
"She might get hurt. However, seeing that she was so looking forward to the journey, I decided to fulfill this dream with her, "
I wish more parents shared this attitude with their children. I see so many parents afraid their children will draw a little blood or get a bruise that the children are so pampered and brittle they break or cry at the slightest bump or fall. Kids actually break bones from tripping and falling down.

I am also very proud of my wife for calling her bruise from a fall on some loose sand last weekend "a trophy".


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