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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Ch-Ch-Ch Changes: Planning For A New Bike

On top is my old bike's geometry...

And here is a draft of the bike I have in the works. I was looking for something that might be suitable for long distance and climbing... but with vigor and some race personality.

ST ctr-ctr: 485mm
TT: 531mm
HT Angle: 72.5 Degrees
ST Angle: 74.0 Degrees
BB Drop: 69mm
CS Length: 410mm
HT Length: 134mm
SO: 776mm
Front Center: 57.0
Fork Rake: 45mm

This is very close to what I was imagining. The only surprises are in the longer chain stays and the bar height. Something to consider.

Anyone want to weigh in on the matter?


  1. Drew, those angles are on target with what I was looking into for a new Taiwan long distance climber. I'll be quite envious of your new ride with those. The chain stay length is 15 mm shorter on the new ride. Nice bit of extra tightness in the rear then. Caio, Michael

  2. The titanium tubes will be tuned a little racier with a stiff drivetrain equal to about over-sized aluminum, but the comfort should be spot on. I also wanted a snappier feeling in the road response and handling.

  3. I have a Velocite Millennium and it does the job for long hauls and short ones. It's pretty comfortable and titanium lasts a long time. It's got a lifetime warranty and it's currently on special. I like carbon fiber, but if you tend to take spills and ride at night, your Weight Weenie ride might break or get messed up. Not an issue with titanium.