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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Salsa Las Cruces R.I.P. (October 22, 2007-January 2, 2011)

Friends, it is a sad day here in my family as my beloved Salsa Las Cruces has developed a hairline fracture in her head tube and will be retired immediately. I don't know how the fracture developed, but there it is. I guess it is all a part of owning and enjoying a good bike. Sometimes this stuff happens.

I bought this bike in October 2007 as my "Taiwan bike", and after a 6 month wait for parts in the midst of a cycling boom, she was ready to go by late April 2008.

This bike has taken me to so many places and been a major part of shaping my life over the past three years. I have logged 20,419km on her and beyond the distance she regularly helped put me in touch with all the things I love about Taiwan.

She has been a good friend and will be sorely missed.

Here is a little retrospective in honor of my favorite bike:


  1. That bike is like my close friend, man. I've known it the whole of my biking career. What are you doing for temporary wheels?

  2. I have an old Giant XTC mountain bike you are welcome to borrow.

  3. Was it weird that I had the uncontrollable urge to jack off at around photo #150?

  4. Very sad, have been looking for that orange bike while out on the road. But, on the bright side you get to so BIKE SHOPPING!!! Oh sorry got excited there.

  5. Thanks guys!

    As this situation develops, I will keep everyone informed. Thanks for the offer David. I will let you know if I need a bike.

  6. I'm really sorry Drew. It was the perfect match and she showed deep devotion. But I warned you about those alloy broads! They'll let you straddle them, then they split.

    That was indeed a fantastic build for you. I look forward to reading your musings on the next creation.

    1. Hey all - loved the pics - great adventure you had there........just so you'll know you aren't the only one - I had the identical bike (Scandium alloy) for the same time period with FAR fewer CX miles, and developed the same crack this October....go figure. Hate to see it go...