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Monday, December 19, 2011

Bike To Work: Infographic on Bikes As Transportation

This infographic from Andrew Sullivan at The Daily Beast helps show us why biking to work is vital for future sustainability.

Again I am reminded of Taiwan's two competing bike plans, which I outlined HERE and why the leisure model favored by the Ma government may be the wrong direction.

Biking And Health
Created by: Healthcare Management Degree


  1. And cars cost a LOT.

    Seriously, the worst decisions I've made was getting a new car in Taiwan. In the end I'm stuck in a NT$18000 per month nightmare. And only my wife uses the car!!!! I've made it my intent to not use it at all.

    I could get a front-load cargo bike, a long-tail cargo bike and decent road bike, every single year.

    By commuting to work I get in 22km (or more) more riding per day than I would otherwise. Which is an hour of exercise that I wouldn't otherwise get.

    And when I see the huge amount of construction going into more roads around Taiwan, I can't help thinking that the answer is not more roads, but just less cars. And I know I'm right :)

  2. I reluctantly bought a car in Taiwan. I totally agree with you. Sadly, construction is not based on public utility, but rather political necessity.