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Friday, June 11, 2010

Loving The Winners : Best Bike Blogs

Darryl at Loving The Bike has announced his list of winners for the Best Cycling Blogs IN THE WORLD!!!!!

His CRANK Directory is full of bike blogs divided by category and by region. I hope everyone can swing by and visit his site and use his directory to expand the cycling universe.

A Different Trip Around The World

Another Taiwanese man has embarked on a round the world trip. I find this story interesting compared to the recent story of the young Taiwanese couple that set out on their honeymoon around the world by bike subsidized on donations if they would advertise the ROC's 100th Anniversary.

Here's the whole story:

Taipei - A 28-year-old Taiwan man left the island Tuesday to spend two years cycling around the world.

Wu Shih-chang, a painter, said he wanted to encourage people all over the world to love life and fulfil their dreams.

'I am both excited and scared because starting today, my life has changed,' he said at Taoyuan International Airport before boarding a flight for Alaska.

Wu plans to cycle through North America, South America, Europe, Africa and Asia.

He is to cycle most of the way, but will fly or take a boat when crossing from South America to Europe and from Europe to Asia (duh!). The trip is due to end in Australia.

Wu's supplies, not including his bike, weigh about 25 kilograms.

He plans to spend eight US dollars a day on the trip, and has saved 8,000 US dollars for the expedition.

Money is a problem because has not found a sponsor.

The other challenge could be getting entry visas from countries which do not have diplomatic ties with Taiwan, as the island is recognized by only 23 states.

The contrasts are stark. Rather than the thousands of dollars in donations and government support, this traveler is going to scrape by on his own. I guess there is an allegory of the Taiwanese experience somewhere. I figure this ride will not be a tribute to the 100 years of the ROC.