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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Taiwan's Government Recommended Bike Routes.

Gaomei Wetlands Bike Route

In the spirit of Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability (LOHAS), Taiwan's government has compiled a collection of regional bike routes from all over the country, including some of the outlying islands. link

The sidebar offers a selection for Popular Routes.

These are routes that have been deliberately marked by local governments for cycling with either bike-specific pathways or widened shoulders with "bicycle" route markings to indicate their accessibility.

The website provides pictures and additional details regarding the route's length, estimated level of difficulty, road conditions and other pertinent information.

In my own experience, these routes and paths are mostly suited toward casual, recreational cyclists and beginners. Some routes can become clogged with novice cyclists on weekends, making them as dangerous as any roadway. They can be a real great place to start falling in love with cycling, but more experienced riders might prefer hacking their own way to adventures beyond.

I am really glad to see some effort in providing cyclists with some more resources to fine suitable places to ride and I am looking forward to more efforts like this.

Sustainable Transportation Conference in Kaohsiung

Jane Voodikon has contacted me to get the word out on an upcoming event in Kaohsiung to promote methods of sustainable transportation. I am not surprised that an event of this nature would be held in such a progressive city.

The message in its entirety can be read below:


Just wanted to let you know about a transport-sharing conference and citywide carfree activities that will be held in Kaohsiung later this month.

We're just trying to spread the word about these very important events which will discuss an under-addressed mode of sustainable transportation. With the theme "Sharing is Cool!," the conference will feature a panel of international experts and researchers discussing the many different modes and faces of shared transport.

Mass-transit promotional activities planned for the city run through now until September 19, culminating in a carfree day with various activities and prizes for city residents. See more information here:

Sessions are free to attend for Kaohsiung residents and for students (advanced registration is required).

Attached please find a press release about the event. For more information, please visit (English) or (Chinese).

Anything you can do to help get the word out would be much appreciated.


Jane Voodikon
Concerned citizen