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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Way of Biking: Bicycle Lifestyle Lectures and Photo Exhibition


This weekend the Splendor Hotel will kick off a bicycle exhibition series in the lead up to Taichung Bike Week coming this November. 

The Way of Biking exhibition will feature bicycle and bike-photo exhibitions, as well as guest lecturers who will be discussing various aspects of the cycling community in Taiwan. 

Sat. 9/15 (14:00-15:00) B1 Open Space -- Terry Lin from Caffe Terry will give a lecture on the current state of our cycling community.  


9/14--11/11, 3F Exhibition Hall-- Dorcus Bikes will have a bicycle exhibit.

9/14--11/11, 3F Gallery-- Caffe TERRY will sponsor a photo exhibition.

9/14--11/11, 4F Exhibition Hall-- ibike will host a design exhibit. 

Show your support for the cycling community and take a look. It should be better than spending the weekend circling the malls.