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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Taiwan's Own Ironman: Cycling America On $8 A Day

I have been periodically following the exploits of the Taiwanese cyclist who is attempting to circumvent the earth within three years, while sticking to his budget of $8 per day. Full Story

Wu Shih-chang, the 28 year-old cyclist has already survived the wilds of Alaska and is currently on his way south to escape the wretched cold and rain of the Pacific Northwest.

I am happy to see that Wu received help from my good friends in the Seattle area, who supplied him with lodging, food, and a phone. The Seattle Taiwan Center and the Seattle Taiwanese American Foundation, like similar groups around the US, have become a valuable part of establishing and expressing a Taiwanese presence in the area. These groups also provide assistance to Taiwanese students and travelers who may need information, lodging or just company. It is a shame Wu will have to miss the Portland group as he has fallen behind schedule.

Wu demonstrates a feature of Taiwan I feel gets frequently overlooked--- personal independence. I know more Taiwanese who come up with all sorts of crazy ideas.... and then carry them out. Entrepreneurs, athletes, students and travelers... I have met so many people in Taiwan who march to the beat of their own drum-- despite the reputation for "group think". And I feel this quality should be recognized.


Typhoon Fanapi Blows Away Weekend Riding

The weather outside has been growing progressively worse all morning. By "progressively worse", I mean it has gone from stormy to downright scary at times.

Typhoon Fanapi has blown away any chance of a ride today, but that didn't stop me from putting together a long ride--- in my dreams.

I dreamt all night about riding a particular route and how each part would feel. I felt loose and strong on the bike. My descents were crisp and stable. My legs were feeling strong... and I finished the day with ease. That's how I knew it was a dream.

I think I am going back to bed.

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