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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Exercises To Help Strengthen The Lower Back And Core In Cyclists

My last couple of years have been in and out of the saddle with sciatica/piriformis syndrome and an unstable spine in the lower back. Despite my use of core exercises, daily stretching and regular massage, I have still had trouble in the lower back. A few hard rides before New Year had erased my gains and I found I was chasing my spine back into place. 

After a couple weeks of light riding, the sciatica erupted again at the end of January as a dull, steady pain ran down my leg and into my upper calf. It took about three days to really appear. It was Super Bowl Sunday that I had to admit to being off the bike indefinitely. 

After a less than stellar ride with a physician friend, he directed me toward Foundation Training as recommended by Dr. Eric Goodman. I am always skeptical. I am not one to jump on to internet exercise or diet fads. I am a firm believer in the logical simplicity of human physiology. 

As a sufferer of prolonged, daily acute pain-- Imagine a deep migraine in your hip and leg that comes and goes for weeks and months-- I am also a willing test subject. Sometimes in Taiwan it is hard to find sport related treatment information. 

I have been using the exercises above and have felt immediate results and prolonged results. The inflammation in my hip and leg has almost completely subsided. My back is becoming more stable. I used to go to bed with a perfect trough along my spine. I would wake up with the curvature flattened out. Lately the movement has greatly, greatly reduced. I will continue with these exercises and whatever else Goodman has for FREE on YouTube. 

The exercises make physiological sense. I know there are many others out there suffering with recurring lower back issues from cycling, and like me, want nothing more to be back in the saddle eating mountains. 

DISCLAIMER: I am not employed by or receiving any compensation of any kind from Dr. Goodman or any other organization. My experiences are mine alone and I am not responsible for any injury incurred from following or improperly following the instructions in the video.