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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Delusions of Grandeur: Mayor Jason Hu Lauds Taichung's Bike Lanes

Taichung Mayor, Jason Hu, opened the Taichung leg of the Tour of Formosa with a speech in which he declared the city's bike lanes to be among the nation's best. Oddly omitted from the speech at the last minute were references to unicorns, flying livestock, staged moon landings, Obama's birth certificate and the notion that the Cleveland Browns and Chicago Cubs always have next year.

Press Release (Translation):
"On the 4th, the cyclists came to Taichung City Fulfillment Amphitheatre to start their next challenge. Jason Hu gave awards to the top three cyclists from the last stage. He spoke through the translator for the cyclits, stating  that Taichung has the best bike lanes. The scenery is gorgeous, including lakes and hill climbs. He welcomes the cyclists to experience the beauty of Taiwan." 
Here are some examples of the "best bike lanes".
The Brick-Zag (Nantun)

The Parking Strip (Daya)

The Sidewalk (Chingshui)

The Bricks To Nowhere (Shalu)

Narrow To Nowhere (Taichung Port)

Hou-Feng hype (Fengyuan/Houli)

The Scooter Lane (Dakeng)

Image 7
Largesse (Daya)

Nov. 24-25 Alishan Ride: Last Call

Caoling Town

I am issuing a last call for riders interested in joining our Alishan Ride scheduled for the weekend of November 24-25. 

Everyone leaving from Taichung City should meet at the McDonalds on the Highway 3 near the Taichung Youth High School (You do not necessarily have to eat there) at 7:00am. Breakfast can be anywhere. We hope to be on the road by 8:00am. 

We will be staying in 來吉 because the patronage networks ferrying Chinese tourists around Taiwan had booked Caoling through December. 

It is not such a bad thing and the food is rumored to be better and there have been beer sightings in the area. 

I have already made reservations for 13 riders, so please let me know ASAP if you are interested.