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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Nantou County Ride: Back On The Bike

For my first ride after returning from a busy and weighty two weeks in the USA, I needed something to ease myself back on the bike. Just because I blog on bikes doesn't mean I never feel reluctant to get out and ride after a break. I put off Saturday to have one last day of loafing around and then took a leisurely ride out to Nantou with Joyce and Michael.

Even though I ride a lot, there is plenty to discover in my own backyard. I tend to choose routes for their ability to accomplish a goal and sometimes I plow on through to a destination without earning any points for style. Today I learned that I had made so many trips out to Nantou on the Highway 3... when there is the amazingly beautiful 14丁 just on the other side of the river that offers a much better riding experience by far.

My camera has been loved to death and is currently in the shop, so unfortunately, my phone was the only camera I had to capture today's trip.

A very enjoyable 60k to get myself working back to my prior form.