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Saturday, March 12, 2011

And The IT Band Played On: Saturday Surrender

Saturday I met up with Simon, Michael, Dominic and Emily for an attempt at Bagua Shan.

This was my first time riding with Dominic and Emily, so I was disappointed when I had to withdraw early due to continued pain from the IT band.

I limped home after climbing most of Bagua Shan with one leg.

I really need to applaud Emily for her effort. She started as a novice just a few months ago and managed to ride all the way out from Dongshih to join the ride.

By the time she returned home she had ridden 145km. A century is not too far off.

Thanks for the ride!

Now I will be continuing my regimen of massage, ice, rest, and stretching. Time for R.I.C.E.