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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Mother's Day: Six-year-old Bikes 15k for Missing Mom

In a similar story to the case of the 6yo. boy who rode his bike all day looking for a puppy, we have another story of a Taiwanese child biking far and wide. 

The news last night had a story of a six year old girl rode her little bike 15 Kms to find her mother. When her dad was sleeping, she got her ribboned bike out and took off. She naturally got lost. Someone thought it was weird that the girl was out riding by herself, so the police were notified. The police suggested that she should get in their police car. So she reluctantly got in the car. They attempted to help her locate her mom at work, but, like most Taiwanese children, the lost rider couldn't really remember where her mom worked. The police were forced to return her to the police station. Eventually, the girl's father went to the police station and took his daughter home.



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