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Sunday, January 9, 2011

(Video) Specialized Downhill Urban Mountain Bike Competition


Bike Links and More

Just because my bike is broken doesn't mean I am idle. I had a great weekend shopping and researching bikes. I will add more info in a report to come. I have had all kinds of wonderful offers from friends. And I have been forced out of excuses to getting things done.
I hope I can use some of this time to write a few more less superficial articles that I have been putting off. I also hope to be riding... something... soon.

In the meantime here are some links:

Sabinna has an excellent article on composite frames, efficiency and future:
But, sure, the emotions and processes behind a consumer's decision to purchase a cheaper and slightly heaver alloy-framed bike vs a (assumed high-modulus) carbon alternative assure carbon fiber's position as the pre-eminent high-end material of choice. As the authors of the "Composites" article finish off: the future of carbon fiber will involve greater use of nano-materials, an emphasis on damping and making composites more environmentally friendly ie. bio-based polymers.
I am really not convinced carbon fiber is for everyone... but hey... with a profit margin which is something like 60% on a CF frame... I have an idea who really likes it.

Don't forget to stop by Cafe Terry for some Genmaicha Cake.

  • British boxing champion killed by a car while cycling.
  • Motorcyclist claims cyclists need training and licensing for their own safety. After all... look how safe motorcycling is in Taiwan.
  • The Inner Ring gets into Grand Fondo... no not dipping bread or other foods into a pot of molten cheese or chocolate.
  • The Independent says cyclists left unprotected by the courts. In Taiwan you almost never hear of cycling accidents in newspapers or on television.
  • USA announces Cyclocross Worlds Team. The women are the ones to watch.
  • Trek has unveiled new bikes and colors for Team Leopard. I really like those Schlecks.
  • Cycling for smokers? It is amazing how many guys I see resting at a 7-11 for a smoke break after a day of riding.
  • New film profiles The Gentleman Cyclist.
  • What a world cycling center should look like. Where's the roast corn?

  • Could This Be My Next Bike?