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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cycling Links with Video

Enjoy this funny video from the Netherlands where cars have been replaced with bikes.

Taiwan Links:
Tour Down Under:

The cycling season is starting up again marked by the Tour Down Under. So far the big sprinters are suffering with Mark Cavendish destroying more bikes in a spectacular crash.

World Links:
  • Is God too big to dope? With growing evidence against him, CBS Sports seems to think so.
  • Astronaut makes space flight look as easy as riding a bike... until he falls off his bike and misses his shuttle launch.
  • Teen phenom killed during training. Olympic dreams cut short in crash with vehicle.
  • Carla Stewart killed in South Africa. Female cycling sensation hit by truck while turning to pick up her cycling computer.
  • Copenhagenize says BAN CYCLING... in winter.
  • LA looks at immigrants as part of the cycling community. Much like Taiwan's own Foreign Workers.
  • Floyd Landis retires from cycling to become a professional skeptic.
  • After calling out professional cycling for its excessive culture of doping, and leveling charges against his former teammates that have resulted in a federal investigation into the former members of the United States Postal Service teams... Floyd Landis would like to legalize doping.