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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sports Massage With A Happy Ending

Yesterday I went in for a complete massage to get my body back in riding shape. I have usually done my own massage, but this time I was ready for some professional help.

I was referred to a massage therapist named Lin Rong-han who had been treating my neighbor, a triathlete with a torn ACL. I figured I had nothing to lose and walked into the clinic in an alley off Mei Tsuen Rd. by the Blockbuster Video. There was nothing fancy and something alarmingly low key about this place, but I was committed to getting things put back in shape.

My masseuse quickly found my injuries and muscle problems. She worked on my IT bands and brutalized my hips. Each injury, both old and new, were pushed and knuckled into submission. She was not afraid to introduce me to new types of pain... and for a quality massage... that is a good thing.

I was told I have a higher tolerance for pain than most people, which I thought was pretty ok as a cyclist, but the masseuse was not as thrilled as it means I am more apt to over exert myself.

In the end, I felt better than I have in a long time. I was loose and my body was humming with a warm buzz. My leg was also in fine shape. I hope to go in for a few more treatments and then a monthly maintenance massage.

If you are looking for some body work check it out.

I am very happy with the result.

漢生堂/Han Sheng Tang
Mr. Lin Rong-han
No. 35, Alley 236 Mei Tsuen (Mei cun) Rd. Sec-1
Taichung City, West Dist.
Tel: 04-23016413
Full Body: NTD700/hr


Great stuff from the weekend races.

The heir to the Ferrero Rocher confectioners fortune has died while cycling in South Africa. You may recognize the Ferrero Rocher chocolates as a staple 7-11 quality gift in Taiwan. I have a special spot in my heart for the company, which sells products for which I am deathly allergic... and always seem to arrive on my desk as "gifts" or veiled threats. Authorities speculate that Pietro Ferrero, a cycling enthusiast, may have suffered a fatal heart attack while he was riding. Sad.

Independent Bike Shops: Longmao-Bianchi in Shalu

Longmao-Bianchi Shop (CLOSED)
Manager: Tseng Mei-feng
Address: No. 605 Zhong Shan Rd.
Lufeng Neighborhood, Shalu Township
Greater Taichug (Taichung County)
Tel: 04-26655308

Last weekend I swung by a little bike shop along Zhong-shan Rd. in Shalu, along the coastal plain between Taichung City and Taichung Harbor. When I saw the Bianchi sign, I couldn't resist the Celeste coloring and popped in for a look.

The shop is managed by Ms. Tseng Mei-feng, who was eager to tell me about their store. Aside from bike related services, the shop sells several brands beside the obvious Bianchi label.

According to Ms. Tseng, their customers are mainly interested in a wide selection of Cannondale and Gary Fisher bikes, along with Stevens. I was interested to note the Gary Fisher bikes.

Gary Fisher made his name as a long-haired pioneer in Mountain Bikes, but the company was absorbed by Trek and has expanded into other types of rigs. One of my favorites is the Presidio, which was formerly sold as the Poprad under the LeMond label.

LeMond, was the company formed around Greg LeMond, the cycling legend, former World Champion and three time Tour de France winner. LeMond was bought out by Trek and lived as a Trek boutique brand until 2009, when Greg and Trek had a major falling out following LeMond's continued public accusations against Lance Armstrong and other riders sponsored by Trek. LeMond was forced to fold, but Gary Fisher picked up some of Lemond's road designs to add to their offerings. What I liked about the steel Poprad was its CX geometry with a low, road style bottom bracket for better road handling.

This little bike store had a full range of inexpensive Taiwanese brands as well. It is surely worth a look if you live near Shalu. I saw some pretty good values in the shop.