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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Independent Bike Shops: Longmao-Bianchi in Shalu

Longmao-Bianchi Shop (CLOSED)
Manager: Tseng Mei-feng
Address: No. 605 Zhong Shan Rd.
Lufeng Neighborhood, Shalu Township
Greater Taichug (Taichung County)
Tel: 04-26655308

Last weekend I swung by a little bike shop along Zhong-shan Rd. in Shalu, along the coastal plain between Taichung City and Taichung Harbor. When I saw the Bianchi sign, I couldn't resist the Celeste coloring and popped in for a look.

The shop is managed by Ms. Tseng Mei-feng, who was eager to tell me about their store. Aside from bike related services, the shop sells several brands beside the obvious Bianchi label.

According to Ms. Tseng, their customers are mainly interested in a wide selection of Cannondale and Gary Fisher bikes, along with Stevens. I was interested to note the Gary Fisher bikes.

Gary Fisher made his name as a long-haired pioneer in Mountain Bikes, but the company was absorbed by Trek and has expanded into other types of rigs. One of my favorites is the Presidio, which was formerly sold as the Poprad under the LeMond label.

LeMond, was the company formed around Greg LeMond, the cycling legend, former World Champion and three time Tour de France winner. LeMond was bought out by Trek and lived as a Trek boutique brand until 2009, when Greg and Trek had a major falling out following LeMond's continued public accusations against Lance Armstrong and other riders sponsored by Trek. LeMond was forced to fold, but Gary Fisher picked up some of Lemond's road designs to add to their offerings. What I liked about the steel Poprad was its CX geometry with a low, road style bottom bracket for better road handling.

This little bike store had a full range of inexpensive Taiwanese brands as well. It is surely worth a look if you live near Shalu. I saw some pretty good values in the shop.



  1. I discovered another shop you might like to check out. It's called ELB Cycles and located at No. 4 Lequn Street, West District, Taichung. It's just across the canal from the Universal Cinema. I was only in the shop briefly but the owner said he builds bikes and sells them under his own brand. I didn't get around to asking him about prices or where he sources the frames.

  2. Hi Andrew,

    Thank you for maintaining such a good blog about cycling in Taiwan.
    I tried to vivit this shop : Longmao-Bianchi in Shalu , but it is now a ladies dress shop. Maybe they moved or closed down.I was hoping on getting some gear for my "slightly" larger than normal behind.haha

    I linked your blogg in a few places on my website : and hope many more people will visit your site.

    I have a nice hostel/house in Taitung with ocean views that cyclists are welcome to use if they like too. Let me know and I will e mail you the info.

  3. Thanks Eddie!

    That is the problem with these shops. Many can't hold on.

    Thanks for the links I will return the favor.

  4. Hi Andrew,
    I found a great little bike shop in QingShui about 2 km down the road from the one ,above, that closed down . I even bought a bike there , they are fuji bike dealers but sell biking accessories all over the world fromthe warehouse around the cnr too. I made up a little page on my website for the guy in English with google map link - feel free to also put him on your google map of bike shops in Taichung. here is the link to my site - if you feel that it is inappropriate , just delete this post and put his address on your google map please.

  5. Awesome! I'll try to get down there and check it out.

    I hope to make it out to Lanyu this year to ride. I see we know a lot of the same folks out there. New Year or Summer. If you'll be in Taidong, I'd like to drop by.

    I am hoping to give you a more prominent link around here somewhere. I just need a bit of time.

    Thanks again for the info.


  6. Sure, feel free to stay at my hostel/house there if you like and even use it as a homebase to cycle around Taitung. It is just above the ferry harbor .
    I usually spend CNY on Green Island to help take care of all the foreign guests - for divers and bikers I have a very basic, small hostel there too adjacent to my dive center .Orchid island is a bit of a gamble thattime of year- I got stuck there for 5 days couple of years ago over Jan/Feb time period - we planned to go dive just for 1 n 2 days...wind came up and all ferries and flights stopped. Green Island was unaffected - we can actually see the storms on orchid island while lying on Da Bai Sha beach on green island..go figure.

  7. Yeah, you never know. I was out there a few years ago for a rainy New Year. Then again, sometimes it is sunny and Taiwan is rainy. I'd like to meet up with Maoyong, Teresa, Madebus and the gang. The scenery on Orchid Island is also more amazing. I'll keep it in mind.