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Friday, July 30, 2010

Marymoor Velodrome Races

Earlier in the trip we went out to the Seattle suburb of Redmond to watch the races at the FSA Grand Prix on the old velodrome.

We had a great time watching the races all evening as they started with the kids and worked up to the championships.

A little smuggled beer helped set the mood for the night.

The racers came from as far away as New Zealand, but included some local talent as well.

There were both individual and team events taking up the bulk of the nights racing.

As the night wore on the riders, who had been competing all week, looked like they were aout spent.

Lots of fun!

Why Bike Commuting Will Not Work In Taiwan.

According to this Aussie blogger commuting by bike can not work in Taiwan.


Taiwanese win medals in Commonwealth Games. Why Taiwanese were invited to a commonwealth games is beyond me, but I am glad they did well.