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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Outside With The Inside on Caffe Terry

I would like to congratulate my friend Terry Lin for the exposure and excellent write-up he has earned from Outside Online, the online version of Outside Magazine.
Best for: Globetrotters and industry insiders
Whether you know it or not, the carbon bike you’re riding almost certainly comes from Taiwan. The vast majority of carbon frames in the world are built there, which means lots of cycling types spend lots of time on this small island off the coast of east coast of China. Run by local racer and custom bike builder, Terry Lin, Caffee Terry (tel: 04-23207243; Tues.-Sun: 10 a.m.-midnight) is the cultural center for both pre-ride caffeine and post-ride carousing among local cyclists and expatriates alike. Saddle up to the bar and order a Taiwan Beer.
Terry is such a central figure in the Taichung cycling scene. He is one of the most generous and enthusiastic members of our community. I consider Terry to be the glue that keeps our community together.