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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Along Alangyi Ancient Trail and Other Links

I am sitting out this weekend with a sore shoulder. It seems like an old weight training injury coming back to welcome me to middle age... again.

Above is a video of some folks biking the Alongyi Ancient Trail. It looks perfect for my CX bike. The quest to pour more concrete is now threatening this little corner of cycling nirvana. Please get out there and ride it before it is replaced by busses of Chinese tourists and parking lots full of crap vendors.

Related Stories:

  • 11/13 is the Taiwan Bike Association Da Xue Shan Hill Climb in Taichung County.
  • 11/20 you can also join the Maxxis Taroko Hill Climb from Hualien to Wuling.
Taiwan Cycling News:

  • Taiwan Economic News has a gloomy outlook for bicycles and bike parts for the next 6 months.
  • Of God and Mammon: The Apostle Giant is looking for converts, saving your soul and trying to make money hand over fist... just like a number of other organized religions. Just keep them away from your children.


Other News: