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Monday, August 27, 2012

Taiwan Represent At Eurobike and Links

  • Taiwan's Bicycle Companies are gearing up for Eurobike this week. A report from the Want Want Mega-Colossus-Media Conglomerate has this to say:
Taiwan's bicycle industry has developed by leaps and bounds over the past 50 years, transforming the island into the "high-end bicycle kingdom" it is today, said Anthony Lo, president of the Taiwan Bicycle Exporters Association. 
"Innovation will be a key factor to our success in the future, and we have seen a global move toward energy saving and carbon reduction," he said, adding that Taiwan's brands are leading and shaping the global trend. 
According to customs reports cited by the TBEA, the value of Taiwan's bicycle exports in the first half of 2012 reached US$802 million, with a total of over 2 million bikes exported overseas. The major export markets in 2011 were the European Union (62.8%), North America (16.5%), and Japan (6.1%). 
Among this year's Taiwanese exhibitors are Giant Manufacturing, Tern Bicycles, Ming Cycle Industrial, AMC Chain Industrial and Kenda Rubber Industrial Co.

I find the highlighted section interesting for the fact that Lo is also the CEO of Giant Bicycles, which has been focused primarily on expanding cycling for recreation and leisure, as opposed to alternative transportation. It is not really energy saving technology if it is not being used as an alternative form of transportation. Leisure cycling is often an additional activity with additional purchases of material that people acquire while still maintaining their old driving habits.

"None of the children cried because they didn't want to ride any more; some only cried because they couldn't ride" because of injuries, recalled Yang Su-chiu, a nurse who attended to the teenagers and children..."
  • Taiwan enters the Third Dimension with a future in printed bikes
  • Cycling Satin Cesena with a great report on last weekend's Wuling Cup.