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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Taiwan Cycling Travel Association Plans To Conquer The World

The Taiwan Cycling Travel Association, in conjunction with the Taiwan Asia Cycling Association, have developed a comprehensive plan to promote world cycling travel. According to a report from the Taipei Times, the plan aims to offer limited support to riders who wish to travel around the world by bicycle.

In plans drawn up by these groups, a trip will be planned every year for four years to limit the strain on participants family and financial resources. They also hope this strategy will entice younger riders to participate.

“There are a lot of people wanting to go around the world, but they can’t find the time or lack the ability and partners to do so,” said TACA deputy director Chen Shou-chung , who went around the world in 400 days in 1998.

It was the reason why TACA was dividing the round-the-world trip up into sections, with 20 people to a group, hoping to ride around the world in four years.

Those cyclists who couldn’t cycle the entire length may choose which parts of the journeys to join, he said.

The first leg of the Grand Tour, scheduled to begin in July, will cross the Silk Road, from Beijing to the Hassock borders. The second year will take riders from Central Asia to the Europe-Asia borders in Turkey.

The third year crosses the European stretch and the fourth year goes across North America, Chang said.

According to the report, the group plans to use the slogan:

“Experience the vastness of the world with your own body!”

I feel this is an apt description of any form of bicycle travel. When you remove the framing of a window, the world becomes an entirely different place.

The first leg of the journey kicks off in July when riders will be expected to pedal the Silk Road.

This type of activity is an excellent opportunity for Taiwanese to experience the world. If you have the time and money... it could be a great time.

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"IT" Has Arrived!!!


My Last Sneak Peek

I just received the call that my new frame has arrived and is currently relaxing in Taipei taking in the scenery. I have suggested a few restaurants, sights and hostess bars to visit before I bring it home Saturday to begin a being built up into my new bike.