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Saturday, July 31, 2010

I-90 Floating Bridge

I ended up taking a ride around Lake Washington and across the I-90 floating bridge. Seattle is surrounded by water on all sides. Puget Sound, Lake Union, Lake Washington and Green Lake make up the liquiscape of Seattle and provide some spectacular views. I didn't take too many pictures as the weather was cold and foggy for most of the morning. The sun eventually burned through by around 11:00am making the ride much more pleasant.

I was feeling better and more powerful in my legs, but my stomach was having a bad reaction to something. My main route was Lake Washington Blvd., the main round-lake road. It is flat, fast and filled with triathletes. Later on I will write a detailed comparison between Seattle and Taiwan riding, but I must say that for a population of under 2 million people, King County, Washington State, has a very high number of active people and especially cyclists on the roads and trails.

That does not mean the saturation of cycles could prohibit a random stranger from shouting, "bicycles are retarded!" from the passenger seat of a car.

I had to ride across the bridge, which is the longest floating bridge in the world and disastrously sunk during a storm in 1989. The road sections are built upon hollow pontoons that are fastened into place. This avoids having to anchor supports into the deep, muddy lakebed.

Good riding!

Seattle Peeks Over Capitol Hill

I-90 Floating Bridge

A Friendly Rider

Enjoying The Speed

Looking East Toward Bellevue