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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Notes From Palm Desert

My internet access has greatly diminished and I am writing on a nasty Windows box that is set up for senior citizens. I an now in Palm Desert without a bike... I am getting jittery like a crackhead thinking about riding.

Still, a couple of notes from the end of my vacation.

1) I am saving up a few things to share.

2) I saw a few guys out in 117F. heat.

3) I am getting fat and really want to get back on the bicycle. I really can't keep up with this lifestyle. Oce you feel not-full, it is time to eat again. No wonder my father'd triglycerides are above 300 and blood sugar 200. I love my dad and want him to be around for a while longer, but he doesn't live his life to make that possible. One reason I love to bike and stay healthy is to avoid getting old like that. It is really too bad beacuse he is a great guy.