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Friday, May 13, 2011

Black Armband Saturday: #108

I am sorry for any inconvenience, but Blogger has been down for a couple of days.

Today it Black Armband Saturday in honor of Wouter Weylandt (#108), the Giro rider who died in a violent crash during a descent on Stage 3. It is also in honor of all the nameless and numberless others who have lost their lives cycling the world's roadways.

Wouter Weylandt Links:

From the FB Group:

As cyclists we wear different jerseys, ride with different teams,groups, shops or clubs however one thing doesn't change - we are a community who love and share the same passion. This Saturday, no matter where you are or who you ride with why not wear a black armband as a sign of your support and a showing of our strength and unity as a cycling community who together mourn the tragic passing of Wouter Weylandt of the Leopard Trek team and local Australian youngster, Shamus Liptrot both talented cyclists no longer with us. May they rest in peace.

Whilst the passing of Wouter and Shamus has lead to this event being created let's also use this day to remember those that have lost their lives or been injured through racing/training accidents in the past.

Remember you don't have to be on the bike on Saturday to show your support - you can wear the black armband wherever you will be.

Death Links For May:
Ride Safe!