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Friday, October 7, 2011

Wrench Your Own Bike: Bicycle Repair Class Offered in Taichung

Course Culture will be offering a 3 hour class in Taichung about some of the basics involved in bicycle maintenance and repair. If you are interested in attending this course please sign up HERE.

Here is an excerpt from the organizer:

Looking to do your own bicycle maintenance but don’t know how to start ? This course will introduce you to the most common mechanical failures of multi-gear bicycles and teach you how to deal with them. We will help you troubleshoot a flat tire, a broken chain and other common problems you may encounter while cycling. This course also teaches you basic bicycle maintenance including, cable replacement, cleaning and lubrication and a whole host of other useful tips to help your bicycle last a lot longer. This course involves a ‘Hands-On’ operation where all the necessary tools will be provided for you to learn on. We encourage course participants to bring their bikes with them. Be prepared to have a ton of fun and to get a little greasy.