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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Cycling Links, Notes and a Survey

Taiwan Links:

Mark Caltonhill lists his Five Favorite Routes for TiT. The routes are:

1) Kaohsiung-Lotus Lake and Love River.
2) Sun Moon Lake.
3) Little Kinmen.
4) Taipei to Iilan.
5) Wuling Pass.

I would advise riders who are unfamiliar with these routes to exercise caution as most of them require extensive road riding along with regular traffic. If you are not familiar with your bicycle or with Taiwan's traffic culture, consider these routes very carefully.


Taiwan Today has a short expose on Hualien leisure bike trails. They may not be ideal for touring the East Coast, but they might make a great way to spend some vacation time if you are in the area.

With the government backing a major investment in tourism infrastructure, Jens Kastner writes a great piece in the Asia Times on China's potential for conducting tourism warfare against Taiwan.

Satin Satin Cesena give some wonderful insights on OEM frames and the value of branding.


Jean from Velo-city wants you to take their survey on Local Cycling Infrastructure. Check the sidebar for the survey tab.

Other Links: