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Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Pair Of Michaels Review The East Coast And Rift Valley

Be sure to check out these two great reports (Report 1 and Report 2) of Taiwan's East Coast and Rift Valley. This is an ideal area to tour by bicycle. Again, I was left off this trip with an injury and will have to live vicariously through some of these wonderful photos.

Taichung Bike Shops: Tai-Hao Bicycle Supply Store

Tai Hao Bike Supply Store
Manager: Huang Chao-hsien
Address: No. 90 Han Xi South Rd. Sec-3
Beitun Dist. Taichung City, Taiwan
Tel: (04) 2437-9499

If you live or ride in the Beitun area near the river, this little shop might come in handy. Although it is not well stocked with the newest bikes, fanciest equipment or dazzling displays, I can imagine coming to Tai Hao for a deal on a new or used bike (primarily mountain bikes), or if you are in the area and really need a tube, tool or service, then this place would be fine.

The owner, Mr. Huang is extremely enthusiastic and cherishes his beloved orange Bianchi road bike. The bike has been loved to the state of having to have the head tube rewelded, but Mr. Huang will extoll its virtues at length. Sorry, no English if you need it.

Bottom Line: Limited, but cheap. Hey... it's there if you need something right away.


I was in T-Mosaic yesterday looking into some wheels and I saw they had stocked some new, less expensive steel framed bikes. If you are interested in a steel frame that won't break the bank, they are selling GIOS again. I think GIOS makes some pretty looking bikes, with some complete bikes staring at NT$ 31,000 for the Arione and NT$ 33,800 for the Vintage, which is in the colors of the Italian flag. For more follow this LINK.