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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Imagining The Ride: A Cyclist's Perspective On Lugu

Bamboo Cooked Meal

My mother has been in town for a visit, so my training and riding time has been greatly curtailed.

I really didn't think I had anything to blog on this week... that is until I started listening to my inner monologue as I drove the family around Nantou.

I realized as I drove, that was thinking like a cyclist as I was not taking the most direct routes to our destination, but rather, I was taking the route I would use if I had been riding my bike.

We were on a virtual bike tour by car.

Periodically, I would find myself recounting some experience or another biking those roads, or explaining to the car full of non-riders exactly how difficult the climbing was.

After a while I caught myself and tried to avoid a "band camp" monologue, but I also enjoyed sharing what I really enjoy about passing through those places in the open air.... No windows to insulate or frame the scenery.


We enjoyed the nice weather with a Saturday trip up to Lugu to visit some friends and buy a little tea.

On Sunday, we took in the ride to Sun Moon Lake and over Bagua Shan.

Below are a few of the pictures I took and a few links to the routes I have used to bike to these places.


Jack's Tea

Tea Snacks

Tea Set


Tea Baskets

Sun hat


View From Sanlnxi


Betel nut, Betel nut.... Where?!