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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

From Singapore With Love: Kaohsiung to Taipei

Chance Meeting With Some Industry Guys

Last night I was privileged to meet up for beers with Xuyun, a rider from Singapore and a regular reader.

Xuyun, who celebrated his 21st birthday with beers at the Early Bird, has come to Taiwan with the mission of riding the length of the island along the foothills from Kaohsiung to Taipei.

His plan entails riding mainly up the Highway 3, but with a detour in Ershui to the 137 and a side tour through Sanyi. Here is the route.

What is even more laudable is his youthful sense of adventure and an unstoppable drive to "Get Action".

Xuyun is not just riding his shaky folding bike across Taiwan for the challenge and the hardship.... Xuyun has plans to arrive in Taipei victorious, where he will then meet up with a girl and woo her with his tales from the road.

Friends and readers....

This is what living life and living youth is all about.

You only live once.



Good on ya!