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Friday, February 18, 2011

Australian Man Bikes Taiwan To Raise Funds For Charity

Andrew Bonello of Melbourne, Australia will embark on a bicycle journey around Taiwan to raise money for The Garden of Hope Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping victims of all kinds of physical and sexual abuse. Sexual and domestic abuse/battery is often under reported in Taiwan in cultural deference to the family, and thus it is even more important to raise awareness for the types of services that are available to victims.

Cycling Taiwan for charity is an excellent way to raise support, awareness and funds for any cause. The Clatterbridge Foundation had a very successful trip earlier in the year to raise money for cancer research. I hope Mr. Bonello can see the same level of outreach.

If anyone is interested in supporting Mr. Bonello or would like to follow him on his ride, you can contact him at his website here.


...I will embark on a 2 week journey cycling around this AMAZING country, in the name of a great cause, AND a great adventure!
Saturday FEBRUARY 19th, AT 9am, starting AT Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall - My ride around the island begins.
I hope you will join me if you can, if you feel fit enough, if you feel like having a lot of fun, for an hour, a whole day, a whole week, or even two!

If not, please try to support my chosen charity: The GARDEN OF HOPE foundation; supporting the woman and children of our wonderful world, sadly affected by sexual abuse, trafficking, and domestic violence..


  • 19 FEB: 09am Taipei [Chiang Kai Shek Mem. Hall main gate] >>> Hsinchu City
  • 台北 [中正紀念堂大門] >>> 新竹市
  • 20 FEB: 09am Hsinchu Train Station >>> Miaoli City
  • 新竹 [火車站] >>> 苗栗市
  • 21 FEB: 09am Miaoli Train Station >>> Changhua City
  • 苗栗 [火車站] >>> 彰化市
  • 22 FEB: 08am Changhua Train Station >>> Chiayi City
  • 彰化 [火車站] >>> 嘉義市
  • 23 FEB: 09am Chiayi Train Station >>> Tainan City
  • 嘉義 [火車站] >>> 台南市
  • 25 FEB: 09am Tainan Train Station >>> Kaohsiung City
  • 台南 [火車站] >>> 高雄市
  • 26 FEB: 08am Kaohsiung Train Station >>> Fonggang Town
  • 高雄 [火車站] >>> 風港
  • 27 FEB: 08am Fonggang Station >>> Taitung City
  • 風港站 >>> 台東市
  • 01 MAR: 09am Taitung City >>> Changbin Town
  • 台東 [火車站] >>> 長濱
  • 02 MAR: 08am Changbin Station >>> Hualien City
  • 長濱站 >>> 花蓮市
  • 04 MAR: 09am Hualien City >>> Su-Ao Town
  • 花蓮 [火車站] >>> 蘇澳
  • 05 MAR: 08am Su-Ao Station >>> Rueifang City
  • 蘇澳站 >>> 瑞芳市
  • 06 MAR: 09am Rueifang City >>> Taipei [Chiang Kai Shek Mem. Hall main gate]
  • 瑞芳 [火車站] >>> 台北 [中正紀念堂大門]