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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Imagining The Ride: A Cyclist's Perspective On Lugu

Bamboo Cooked Meal

My mother has been in town for a visit, so my training and riding time has been greatly curtailed.

I really didn't think I had anything to blog on this week... that is until I started listening to my inner monologue as I drove the family around Nantou.

I realized as I drove, that was thinking like a cyclist as I was not taking the most direct routes to our destination, but rather, I was taking the route I would use if I had been riding my bike.

We were on a virtual bike tour by car.

Periodically, I would find myself recounting some experience or another biking those roads, or explaining to the car full of non-riders exactly how difficult the climbing was.

After a while I caught myself and tried to avoid a "band camp" monologue, but I also enjoyed sharing what I really enjoy about passing through those places in the open air.... No windows to insulate or frame the scenery.


We enjoyed the nice weather with a Saturday trip up to Lugu to visit some friends and buy a little tea.

On Sunday, we took in the ride to Sun Moon Lake and over Bagua Shan.

Below are a few of the pictures I took and a few links to the routes I have used to bike to these places.


Jack's Tea

Tea Snacks

Tea Set


Tea Baskets

Sun hat


View From Sanlnxi


Betel nut, Betel nut.... Where?!




  1. Still need to ride that route...

    Baby's first words: Dad are we there yet?

  2. I love those photos --are they all yours? Very artsy looking.

  3. Thanks! I did those on a little Canon point and click.

  4. The photos are a treat, an intimacy to them. Thanks! Jim Duncan