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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Night Rider

Since I have been discussing safety I thought I should post something about the dumbest, most dangerous ride I do. It is also my favorite.

Like most people I don't have enough time in my life to ride. The cycling understatement of the year. SO I need to get saddle time where I can find it.

Two or three nights a week I do my evening hill loop. It is a 14mi. (22.5km.) loop from Taichung City to the Tunghai market and back. I started doing this during the summer because it was cooler and I could better exert myself without worrying about offending my coworkers with anything worse that my humor.

The loop starts out in Nantun and I take Wu Chuan W. Rd. all the way to the Circle K on the hill by the industrial park. From there I cut right and take the Gong Ye #22 Rd. to Gong Ye 1st Rd. It makes a nice, steady climb to the back door of the Tunghai Market. I cut through the market and dodge people and traffic, before I cross Chung Gang Rd. to the International Street. I hammer my way to the top and then come down the hill at 40mph (64kph) to Xitun Rd. Xi tun is packed with traffic and it is a battle all the way through. I take it as fast as I can go before I join up with Wen xin Rd. and sprint home. On Wen xin I can usually reach speeds between 30 to 35mph (48-56kph). I also do this listening to an ipod. Eh! Sometimes while climbing as fast as I can, a little Steve Perry makes all the difference. So... yeah! Stupid, dangerous and a lot of fun. So far it takes 43min. to complete. Still, I don't take unnecessary chances. If I don't beat my time I don't beat my time.

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