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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Itch Is Back

The Itch is back. No, not something I picked up in college, but the itch to get back on the bike and start training for another ride. The perils of the cycling life. My body needs a little rest and I need to have the control to let myself recuperate. Google Maps becomes a form of internet porn as I plot routes and calculate riding times. I analyze the terrain and make mental notes on the kind of planning I will need to make the ride happen. This is how a "project" starts. This is definitely a disease I don't want the antidote for.

Any suggestions? I am finding how much is really within a day's ride.


  1. FYI, Google Maps now has an Earth function that allows you to go 3-D within your web browser. So hooray for 3-D bike porn.

    How about taking the 137 down through Yuanlin to Shetou and then hook east up Baiguoshan (Fengbai Rd). Hook back onto Hwy 3 north to the 14 North... and let it ride.

  2. That could be interesting... and then the 21 back through Dong Shih. Hmmmmm. I really need hills and mountains right now. I am thinking about going up the 16 out of Shuili. Just up and back.

  3. After your Paris-Roubaix tribute in April, how about a Tour de France tribute in July?

  4. Maybe in a couple of years. I'll me biking Seattle this July. Three weeks of 180-200km days... almost every day... that would be a feat. You'd run out of major roads real quick and then getting lost on betel nut trails would have to suffice.

  5. I saw that. It looks tempting. I need to see what happens in May I will lose two or three weekends in May to "Contractual Obligations". I do want to get back on the hills. I don't really like the flats that much. No riding this weekend... I promise.